Jessica’s keen insights into maximizing time and practicing self-care makes her one of the nation’s premiere experts on time and productivity. Audiences are equipped with practical tips and solutions to use the time effectively.

Work-Life Balance

Using real-world insights, stories and research, Jessica encourages men and women to pursue a satisfied life amidst the responsibilities of work, family, home and self-care.


With more than a decade of experience, Jessica teaches bloggers and business professionals about best practices, blog management and monetization strategies. She is also an expert in influencer marketing.


Jessica speaks with authenticity and relatability to diverse faith communities about love, joy, parenting, work and the importance of living out one’s calling.

For speaking engagements, or to bring Jessica Turner to your event, please contact:

Brandon Edmonson at Premiere Speakers Bureau

Upcoming Events

September 22: MOMCon | Louisville, KY

September 23: Private event | Pinehurst, NC

October 2: Abound | Nashville, TN

October 9: Parnassus Book Signing | Nashville, TN

October 12: What’s Your Type | San Diego, CA

October 13: Southern California Children’s Museum |Pasadena, CA

November 29 | AMA Nashville’s Healthcare  Marketing Group

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