Beauty and the Beast Sneak Peak

by jessicaturner on January 8, 2017

One of the first movies that I remember seeing in the theaters is Beauty and the Beast. I fell in love with Belle instantly. Like her, my nose was always in a book. I loved the music. The magic of the castle. Everything. I would even ask my mom to style my hair in two […]


If you have followed this blog for any length of time, then you know I love throwing big parties for my kids. I look forward to their birthday parties all year long. Elias turned 8 this summer, and we decided it was time for a not-quite-so-big birthday party. He could invite eight friends to see […]


Perfect Water Park for Kids: Beech Bend Park

by jessicaturner on August 16, 2016

Growing up in Wisconsin, we went to Noah’s Ark every summer. Billed as America’s Largest Waterpark (at the time), those slides hold many precious memories of my childhood and teen years. The Sunday before school started, we decided to go to a water park. Living in Nashville, there are several nearby water parks – the […]


July Reads + $5 Book of the Month Deal

by jessicaturner on August 1, 2016

This month was a little slow for me on the reading front, though I can’t pinpoint one specific reason why. That said, I finished four wonderful books and started two more, including several that will make it in my 2016 Top Ten list, so this month’s post is rich with recommendations! Lilac Girls: I listened […]


Finding Dory Party Crafts

by jessicaturner on July 28, 2016

Crafts are always a big hit at children’s birthday parties, so we decided to do three Finding Dory crafts for Adeline’s Finding Dory party. While I shared briefly about the crafts on the Finding Dory party post, today I wanted to go more in-depth. These crafts could totally be used for an under the sea […]

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What Happened When My Son Watched Me Work Out

by jessicaturner on July 25, 2016

A few weeks ago, Elias came with me to work out. The barre studio I was going to that day had childcare, so he brought a backpack with a few books and toys and tagged along. The little childcare area was just off the studio and Elias could peak out the door and see me. […]


Being Mama Bear

by jessicaturner on July 22, 2016

Before Elias was born, I asked local friends for pediatrician recommendations and interviewed several. We landed on an older woman who had an established practice, came highly recommended and seemed like she would be a great care partner for our family. Which was true…. Sort of. You see, Elias had chronic congestion and ear infections. […]

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I finally get the DVR hype

by jessicaturner on July 14, 2016

This post is sponsored by XFINITY.  When Matthew and I first got married, cable television was a luxury that we really couldn’t afford. During those first couple years together, our TV received 4, sometimes 5 channels, but honestly, we sort of got used to our lack of viewing options. Eventually though, after our financial situation […]


How to Maximize Prime Day

by jessicaturner on July 12, 2016

I did a quick Facebook Live video this morning that I wanted to share with you. In it I cover the best deals for Amazon Prime Day, how to get cashback with ebates and the amazing FREE Caldrea gift you can get from Grove Collaborative right now. Check it out below. Shop Amazon Sign up […]


Photo courtesy of Blogging Mom of Four Does your family use Khan Academy? I have had an awareness of it for a few years, but never looked into it for my kids. While on my Disney press trip last month, we were introduced to Pixar in a Box, which is a special set of lessons through […]