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Making Time for Lunch and Community

by jessicaturner on April 17, 2015

It’s hard to believe my maternity leave is about over and that I go back to work next week Wednesday. As my days at home have been dwindling down, I have really been trying to make a point to get together with friends for lunch. In The Fringe Hours I share how taking a break […]

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Lounging with Ezra

by jessicaturner on April 15, 2015

It’s interesting how my approach to baby gear has changed since having Elias. With Elias, I read all the books, websites and magazine articles of everything you needed, then promptly registered/bought it. We kept pretty much everything and used it all again for Adeline. For Ezra, we had to start over because we had gotten […]

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My Abs are Separated – Diastasis Recti

by jessicaturner on April 13, 2015

This weekend I was on Facebook in the middle of the night, while feeding Ezra, and clicked on this article: This Condition Could be Causing Your Mom Pooch. The piece was about Diastasis Recti, which is the separation of the ab muscles, causing your stomach to pooch. The article said 2 out of 3 women […]


Getting My Sexy Back

by jessicaturner on April 9, 2015

One of the challenges for me (and many others!) of having a baby is the weight loss journey. With each of my kids, despite having terrible sickness in the first half of my pregnancies, I still gained 50-60 lbs. Both times, I managed to lose most/all of the weight. But I have been told that […]


A Mother’s Letter to Fellow Travelers

by jessicaturner on April 7, 2015

Dear fellow travelers, Traveling by yourself with a newborn isn’t hard, but it isn’t easy either. It can be challenging to navigate a busy, unfamiliar airport with a stroller, baby gear and small baby. Responding to cries over hunger and poopy diapers and nursing while in close quarters with many people can be stressful too. […]


Dollywood: Tips for Families with Little Kids

by jessicaturner on April 6, 2015

Last week I shared that our family and our friends the Larsons went to Dollywood for the day. Our kids are 6.5, 3.5 and 3 months. The Larson’s kids are 7, 5, 3 and 2. So yeah, that’s a lot of little kids. It was the first time we had visited Dollywood and we definitely […]


Fringe Friday: Home Project Edition

by jessicaturner on April 3, 2015

Welcome to Fringe Friday, an opportunity to share what you have been doing in your fringe hours during the week. This week has been all about my home. With my maternity leave coming to an end in less than three weeks (I go back to work April 22) and having spent much of my leave […]


Ezra at 3 Months

by jessicaturner on April 1, 2015

It’s hard to believe that Ezra is already three months old! Yesterday I took his monthly photo with Olaf. (See months 1 and 2 here). I was by myself so I couldn’t catch a big smile (always happens when you rub his cheeks) and back up with the camera in time for him to keep […]


Dollywood: Festival of Nations

by jessicaturner on March 30, 2015

Last week we vacationed in the Smoky Mountains. When planning our vacation, Dollywood was at the top of our list. We were fortunate that Dollywood opened just four days before our visit and that they offered us tickets to come experience the park and the Festival of Nations. The Dollywood Festival of Nations goes through […]


Fringe Friday: Week 7

by jessicaturner on March 27, 2015

Welcome to Fringe Friday, an opportunity to share what you have been doing in your fringe hours during the week. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know we have been in the Smoky Mountains this week. We have explored the Smoky Mountain National Park, seen shows at Dollywood, raced cars at Nascar Speedpark […]