10 Reasons to Subscribe to Book of the Month

by jessicaturner on January 2, 2017


Happy New Year! I hope that as you are thinking about the year ahead, you are planning to make some time for you and the things you love.

In my research for The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You, the number one thing women wanted to do with their free time was read. I know it is one of my favorite pastimes and definitely fills me up.

Last year, I used my Christmas money to buy myself a year-long subscription to Book of the Month. It was a surefire way to get new books in my hands, but I didn’t realize how much I would love it. This subscription service gives readers the opportunity to select from five newly released or soon-to-be released hardbacks and delivers them straight to your door.

Basically, it’s one of my favorite things ever. And I want to share it with all of you because I truly think many of you would enjoy it as well. Be sure to check out the bottom of this post for an exclusive subscription offer!

Here are my top 10 reasons to subscribe to Book of the Month.

  1. It’s delightful: I know that might be a cliche way to start this list, but Book of the Month really is delightful. I find myself looking forward to the first of the month every month so I can see what the selections are for the month and choose my book. Then when the package arrives, I can’t wait to open it and dive into the book.
  2. You’ll be introduced to new genres of books: Book of the Month offers subscribers a variety of genres each month including historical fiction, YA, non fiction, sci-fi and more. Thanks to Book of the Month, I read Dark Matter, a sci-fi book I would have otherwise never read. It ended up being one of my favorite books of 2016 and a book club selection for my group this month. Neither would have happened had Book of the Month recommended the title!
  3. You’ll read authors unfamiliar to you: I have been introduced to so many wonderful authors thanks to Book of the Month. I love that Book of the Month doesn’t just pick big name authors for its selections. Every month includes at least one new author.
  4. It’s affordable: With any subscription, you will save roughly 50% a book’s cover price each month. I find that the books are always priced way less than Amazon. Also, if you want to make some of your money back, consider selling the book to a used book store or on Amazon. Because the books are new releases, you’ll get top dollar for them! Book of the Month often includes little extras like magnets, koozies, etc. to add value and a little surprise and delight. Scroll to the bottom to see this month’s crazy awesome bonus!
  5. You’ll get your hands on new releases every month: I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy this! Never have I read so many new releases in one year. It’s sort of like when you see a bunch of the year’s Oscar picks, not only does it make the Oscars more fun to watch, but it makes watercooler talk throughout the year more interesting too.
  6. The books go through rigorous vetting: This is important to me because I can trust that Book of the Month isn’t going to offer crummy books. Book of the Month reviews 100s of books, so the books that are chosen truly are some of the best books released that month.
  7. You’ll read some of the year’s best books: As I read many of the year’s top book lists (including on Washington Post, NPR, Entertainment Weekly) I noticed a common theme – Book of the Month books were on every list. It was pretty awesome seeing so many books I read, thanks to Book of the Month, on those lists. It also affirmed what I knew in my gut – Book of the Month selects excellent books.
  8. You can add additional books for $9.99: Because Book of the Month selects such great books every month, you will often find that you want to buy more than one select each month. Or, a few months after a book is picked, everyone will be buzzing about it and you
  9. If you don’t like a month’s options, you can skip the month: Book of the Month doesn’t force you to select a book you’re not interested in. Simply say “skip this month” and they will tack on a month on the end of your subscription. This ensures you are getting at
  10. Free shipping: Book of the Month subscriptions include free shipping!


Book of the Month has an exclusive offer just for Mom Creative readers — get 35% off a three-month subscription (just $9.72 a month) with the code 35MOM.

You can also get a one-month subscription for just $5 with this link. If you are on the fence, this $5 offer is perfect for you to experience Book of the Month and get a GREAT book!

Currently Book of the Month is not offering a coupon for year-long subscriptions.

This month’s book selections are excellent + all books come with an exclusive release from Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl. That’s TWO books you’ll get this month. You can’t beat it!

Try Book of the Month today and start your year off right. 

This post contains compensated affiliate links. 

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Jennysue January 3, 2017 at 11:51 am

Does this coupon code expire? I tried the BOOK10 and it didn’t work?


jessicaturner January 5, 2017 at 9:32 am

I’m SO sorry. Book of the Month had the year-long code in their affiliate dashboard, despite the fact that they made it inactive. I asked if they would consider activating it since it was in the dashboard, but they would not. Maybe start with one of the other deals?


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