The Best Tips for Shopping Target Christmas Clearance

by jessicaturner on December 28, 2016

Target Christmas clearance tips

I have shopped after Christmas clearance at Target for basically my entire life. I hardly remember a December 26th that didn’t begin with Target. (After all, I did grow up in Target.)

As a little girl, I remember going with my mom and sister. It was part of our Christmas tradition. We would get bath and body packages, little make-up sets and even gifts for the year ahead.

Target’s markdowns after Christmas tend to go like this (these dates are based on last year – thanks to All Things Target for posting.)

50% off (30% off food/bath & body) – December 26

70% off (50% off food/bath & body) – December 29

90% off (70% off food/bath & body) – January 2

I definitely recommend being at Target when the store opens on the day things go 70% off and 90% off. People are usually waiting at the doors and popular items sell out quickly. (I monitor the All Things Target Facebook page to see when people post about things going lower. A perk of being in central time zone is that east coast fans always post.)

Target Christmas clearance tips

The biggest tip to remember is this:

If you REALLY want the item, and the inventory is low, buy it at the current mark-down. 

Other tips to keep in mind:

  • Never buy wrapping paper, bows and gift bags at 50% off. You will always be able to find them at 70% off – if not at Target, at another store. My store always has so much inventory that I don’t buy wrap until it is marked 90% off. Also, look for wrapping paper that can be used for birthdays and other gift needs during the year.
  • If there is a lot of any product that you wish to purchase, wait to buy it. I often will stop at Target every few days between things going 50% and 70% off (and between 70% off and 90% off), watching something that I want to buy. If inventory dwindles, I will buy it at 50%. If not, I will get lucky and be able to buy it at 70% off.
  • Lights and lawn decorations rarely last until things go 70% off, so buy them now.
  • Look for items that will work for Easter baskets! (Read my post for more on putting together cheap Easter baskets using Target clearance.)
  • Don’t just shop in the back of the store. You will typically find holiday clearance in bath and body, home decor and bedding (flannel sheets and pillows) and food. Don’t forget to check end caps too! Target employees do condense as the days go on and inventory dwindles, but I’m always surprised by the “hidden deals” I find.


If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen my video in Target on December 26th where I shared even more tips for what you should and shouldn’t buy. (Of course, keep in mind that my Target’s inventory may look very different than your Target’s inventory.) If you haven’t watched the video, check it out below. 

Here’s another video with what my store had at 70% – 90% off

For more Target clearance tips, read my 10 tips for shopping Target clearance.

What Target Christmas clearance tips would you add to this post?

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J Burrow December 28, 2016 at 11:41 pm

Don’t forget to check the Dollar Spot


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