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by jessicaturner on January 13, 2015

The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You
Y’all, yesterday was incredible! Did you know that The Fringe Hours hit #3 on Barnes and Noble’s Top 100 books? And it is still there! I’m still in shock.

In case you missed it, through today (1/13), you can pre-order my forthcoming book, The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You from Barnes & Noble for just $7.49. That is 50% off the cover price.

We will likely not see the book priced this low again, so don’t miss this awesome sale.

Rather than me share why I think this book is so important for every woman to read, I wanted to share words from some members of The Fringe Hours launch team.

The launch team is made up of a wide spectrum of lovely women from across the country. They are business professionals, wives, moms, friends – basically just like you and me. They are some of the first people to read The Fringe Hours and their feedback has been so positive.

I asked the team to share how the book has impacted them and here is what a few of them said:


Before this book, I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, emotional, a little bit of everything. I’ve grown up with the mentality that I have to put others before myself in every circumstance. That my needs didn’t matter and that I will worry about getting me time through helping others. It’s not a great way to do things, and through this book I have realized that I do matter, that me time is much needed in my everyday life.

The entire concept of fringe hours is freeing. We tend to carry the weight of our families, careers, friendships, etc on our shoulders. Saying good bye to guilt is incredibly refreshing… the book is opening my eyes and reminding me of all the things i love to do, but haven’t in a while.

You took away my excuse that “I don’t have time.” However, your words really have caused me to pause and reflect on what my desires for a well lived life are , and how am I going to make it happen. Thank you for such an encouraging, life-changing book. I felt like I was sitting on the couch talking to a good friend when I was reading. Encouragement that many women need to hear was found.

My biggest takeaway? In order to actually enjoy the small amount of time I get to myself without guilt, I need to be intentional with ALL of my time.

I love this book because it feels like it was written for me, for my friends and for every woman who has ever struggled to find time for herself. I appreciated the thought-provoking questions, practical tips, the examination of issues that keep us as women from pursuing self-care, and especially the emphasis on the importance of embracing help. This book was a great tool for exploration and self-reflection.

I hope reading their words resonates with you. We are in this journey of life together. It is my prayer that The Fringe Hours will encourage and inspire you to make time for you. You need that time.

Pre-order The Fringe Hours here.

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KC January 13, 2015 at 12:54 pm

Hey Jessica,
Amazon.com has it for $7.49 also, plus free shipping with Prime! 😀


Cathy A. January 13, 2015 at 7:50 pm

I was just going to share this as well. Just ordered from Amazon. Can’t wait to get it next month.


Erika January 13, 2015 at 7:39 pm

I can’t wait to read this! I think it’s something I definitely need to read. :)


Shelbie January 13, 2015 at 9:55 pm

Ordered one for me and two more for my besties. Can’t wait to get the book and to share it!


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