R2D2 Star Wars Valentine’s Box

by jessicaturner on January 26, 2015

Tutorial: R2D2 Valentines card box

With Valentine’s less than three weeks away, I wanted to share this sweet Valentine’s box that Elias and I made last year for his class party. I was going through some old photos and realized I never shared it last year.

If you have a Star Wars lover in your house, this is an easy project that is a big hit.

Supplies needed:
White paint (we used spray paint)
Blue paint
Metallic cardstock or poster board
Optional: Valentine’s stickers


  1. If your box is not white, spray paint it white.
  2. Cut out dome using silver cardstock, but do not adhere to box yet.
  3. Using sharpie, draw shapes for R2D2’s buttons on box cover and dome (look at a line drawing like this to guide you)
  4. Paint shapes blue
  5. Add stickers if you wish
  6. Cut rectangle out of cover for Valentines slot
  7. Adhere dome to top of box


Elias still talks about this box. I don’t know how we will top it this year!

For more Star Wars Valentines inspiration, check out my post on making Star Wars Valentines with glow in the dark light saber bracelets.

Star Wars Valentines with glow bracelet light sabers

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Kristen February 7, 2015 at 3:32 pm

Thanks so much for this tutorial! My kindergartener and I just made an R2D2 box and we love it. (Also, that line drawing was super helpful!)


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