Comfort & Joy: Slippers and the End of Pregnancy

by jessicaturner on December 8, 2014

shoes to wear in pregnancyDisclosure: This is a sponsored post by Dearfoams.

With less than four weeks to go in my pregnancy, the biggest issue I am dealing with is swelling. Lots and lots of swelling.

We had family photos taken Thanksgiving weekend and y’all, I literally tried FIVE pairs of boots on and NONE of them fit me. Not. One. Pair.

I wanted to cry. I managed to squeeze into a cute pair of booties and call it a day, but taking them off an hour later was not a pretty sight.

But, I have found a pair of shoes that fits.

Sort of.

I’ve been wearing slippers. All the time.

As in, I wore them Angie’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. I wore them to work last week and to church yesterday. And I am wearing them right now in the coffee shop where I’m writing.

Let me back up. Dearfoams offered to send me a few pairs of their slippers to try. Since I have always loved slippers and our floors are cold in the winter, I happily said yes. They also sent a pair to Matthew.

I figured I would love them – afterall, who doesn’t love a new pair of slippers? But I didn’t anticipate that they would literally bring me comfort and joy in these last weeks of pregnancy.

I am obsessed with them, especially these. They are my favorite things this Christmas season and I want everyone I know to get a pair. Matthew isn’t passionate about things like slippers, but I have caught him wearing his slippers for quick errands like taking Elias to school and going to Starbucks. His totally look like TOMS and they are wool, sturdy and pretty awesome.

dearfoams slippers

Little miss Adeline has even been known to try them on. Of course, she loves the sparkles.

Even if you aren’t pregnant and your feet DO fit into the shoes in your closet, I would recommend asking for a pair of Dearfoam slippers this Christmas. You’ll be so happy you did!

For more about Dearfoams, check them out on Facebook and Pinterest. Also, check out their Comfort & Joy sweepstakes (you can also find it on Facebook) and enter to win a trip to Aspen, Colorado. I love their Comfort & Joy board on Pinterest.

Have you ever worn slippers out in public? Let’s embrace comfort this holiday season!

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Jo-Lynne Shane December 8, 2014 at 11:06 am

Those are my daughter’s favorites too!!!


Julia December 8, 2014 at 4:47 pm

My husband got me some just like yours for my birthday in October and I love them! I have been known to have them on in the car on the cold mornings and while walking my daughter into school until I put on my heels for work. I am in love with those slippers!!


Amanda December 9, 2014 at 10:00 pm

Yay! I’ve been wanting some new slippers! Might add this to my Christmas list! LOVE the sparkly ones on A! :)


Lindsay October 18, 2016 at 10:34 am

Just found out my friend is pregnant with triplets & I want to get something for HER that will bring her some comfort over the next few months. This is the second place where I have found a link to these amazing slippers, but it no longer goes anywhere. I’m hoping you can send me a new link to whichever slippers these are or tell me which kind they are. I’ll take any help or suggestions really. Thanks so much!! 😀


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