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by jessicaturner on November 30, 2014

Kiwi Crate coupon
Update: Kiwi Crate is now offering all their crates to Canada. In honor of this announcement, anyone can get 60% off your first month’s subscription to any crate, making it just $7.95, which is an incredible discount. Just use the coupon code CELEBRATE60. (Valid December 5 only)

Last night, when we got home from having Christmas card/maternity photos taken, a few packages were on our doorstep. As soon as Elias stepped out of the car and saw them, he shouted, “Adeline, you got your Koala Crate!”

The kids have learned that colored boxes = Kiwi/Koala crates. They love those boxes that say their names on them instead of the usual “Jessica Turner.”

Kiwi Crate coupon

Kiwi Crate couponAs always, the kids wanted to open the crate and see what was inside right away – even though I said we couldn’t do the craft that minute. You have likely read my Kiwi Crate posts before, but in case you missed it, the company now offers crates for ages 3-16 too! Koala Crate is for 3-4-year-olds and this is just the second crate they have offered.

Update: on December 5 get 60% off your first month’s subscription to any crate, making it just $7.95, which is an incredible discount. Just use the coupon code CELEBRATE60. This includes FREE shipping. You can cancel at any time, but I am telling you, you won’t want to. These crates are FABULOUS, money well-spent and are the perfect gift this holiday season.

Adeline loves that she now gets her own crate, and Elias loves it too.

Kiwi Crate coupon

Every crate, no matter the age level, comes chock full of crafts, including all supplies, that follow a theme. I am always amazed by the well-thought out themes. In addition to the crafts, the child also receives a fun magazine of additional activities.

When I was first introduced to Kiwi Crate, I thought why pay to have craft projects mailed to us? I can totally do that on my own. But y’all, it’s not like that. Kiwi Crates (and their sister crates) are seriously projects that rock, using supplies you don’t necessarily just have around the house. And even if you did, putting together the theme crafts every month? Probably not happening.

The 60% off sale is the perfect opportunity to see if Kiwi Crate is right for your family. The sale ends Monday, so don’t miss your chance. I can’t get over the price!

In case you missed the break-down last week, here’s a bit about each crate.

Kiwi crate coupon code

Koala Crate: A craft crate for the littlest ones, Koala Crate is geared for children ages 3-4. I would definitely say it could go down to 2.5. These crates are created in partnership with Highlights for Children, which I think adds further credibility to the quality of the kits. Adeline (age 3.5) is clearly a fan.

Kiwi Crate This is the original craft crate, geared toward ages 4-8. We started getting this crate just before Elias’s 4th birthday, and he has never stopped loving it. I’m not exaggerating when I say it is one of our family’s favorite things every. single. month. We really, really loved Kiwi Crate.

Doodle Crate: Another new crate, this time for girls in the 9-16 range. These crafts are geared toward the older girl that they can enjoy and do on their own. My friend Betsy subscribed for her daughter, and she loved her first crate. (Click here to watch a video of her talking about her crate and demonstrating the crafts.)

Tinker Crate The last of the new crates, this is a crate for kids ages 9-14, and frankly, they look amazing (this is the only crate I haven’t seen in person). Each month, the crates are packed with fun, hands-on experiments for the science, engineering and technology loving kid. Elias already asked when he would be old enough to get a Tinker Crate – ha!

Kiwi Crate coupon
Do not miss your chance to score your first month’s crate subscription for just $7.95, with the code CELEBRATE60. You can’t go wrong! Without question, these crates are my pick for the best non-toy gift of the Christmas season.

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