Annual Halloween Costume Link-Up

by jessicaturner on November 3, 2014

Annual Halloween costume link-up with tons of halloween costume ideasDid your family have a great Halloween?

We definitely did!

Our day started out with a little rain, but nothing too bad. Adeline got to dress up for daycare, so I was able to snap a few morning pictures of her with my mom, who was visiting this week. I love this one because it so captures Adeline right now – full of sass, not wanting to look at the camera, etc. (And it probably was the best one I got!)


In the evening, things didn’t go quite as planned. For starters, we were going to join our friends the Smiths for trick-or-treating, but I had an awful migraine so at sort of the last minute we decided to stick close to home. It was also about 15-20 degrees colder than it normally is for Halloween in Nashville, so we had to do some layering with the kids costumes.

Then we got a late start eating dinner before we went out. It was definitely past sunset when we finally got out the front door. That left me rushing to take photos too quickly, not paying attention to my camera settings, kids wanting to “gooooooo!!” left us with a few blurry photos before we headed out. Oh well. As I said last year, it’s not about the perfect picture! (And at least I took these in earlier this fall.)

Elias and Adeline

Elias and Adeline
We did take some photos of the kids with our iphones (Adeline in the morning since she got to dress up for school and my mom got Elias when we first went outside, and they are probably the best costume photos we got!)

Kids for Halloween Daddy put a funny mask and antlers on, and I got a good picture of the three of them.  The kids thought a storm trooper with reindeer antlers was a riot. They also were so excited about their Halloween buckets.

Daddy and the kids for HalloweenMy mom was also with us, but those photos did not turn out AT ALL. Boo.

This was the first year that Adeline REALLY got what trick-or-treating was all about and she was hysterical.

We only have sidewalks in some parts of our subdivision so we talked a lot about safety and cars.  At one point she said, “there was a car! I am glad it didn’t hit us.” HA!


Trick-or-treatElias ended up not wearing his dragon mask while we were out trick-or-treating. It fit him a little loose and he kept saying he couldn’t see. But he LOVED his big wings and they got lots of compliments. Everyone thought Adeline was a princess butterfly, which was fine by her. She would often say “trick-or-treat!” then shoot her arms up so people could see the wings attached to her sleeves. It was precious.

Kids for Halloween

Kids for HalloweenAfter 45 minutes, we were all tired and cold and headed home. The kids ate two pieces of candy and hit the sack!

Would love to see your family Halloween photos and read your stories. Add your photos/blog link below. Please be sure to share the direct link to your blog post!  (If you don’t blog, but have an Instagram, you can also share an Instagram link to a photo. Here’s the how-to.)

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Megan Cohn November 3, 2014 at 9:42 am

I love your Halloween pictures! Looks like a fun night!


Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot November 3, 2014 at 7:26 pm

We had colder temperatures too. My daughter wore leggings with jeans over them and three shirts and then her costume on top of that…plus a winter jacket. We saw a couple snow flurries while out. It’s too early for winter to have arrived!

Adeline’s costume is so cute, so neat how the wings are attached to her arms. Elias dragon costume is very cool! I hope my little guy will be one, one of these years. This is the first year he picked his costume and he’s fireman obsessed.


Susan (5 Minutes for Mom) November 3, 2014 at 9:48 pm

I’m relieved to hear we’re not the only ones who have a tough time getting kids to stand still on Halloween night for photos! It’s always tricky and we never get great shots. So like you, we try to do a photoshoot ahead of time.


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