Star Wars Party with Jedi Training Academy

by jessicaturner on October 8, 2014

Star Wars Birthday Party Inspiration with details on how to have a jedi training academyFor Elias’s 6th birthday, we threw him a Star Wars party to celebrate. Despite it raining that morning (and us having to move the party back a few hours) and the yard being too wet for an obstacle course, we were able to modify plans and the kids had an absolute blast. Below are all the details (some links are affiliate links).

Star Wars birthday party
A big theme that I noticed as I wrote this post is that I bought MOST of the supplies on clearance at Target or from the Target dollar section (read my shopping Target clearance tips). Elias decided he wanted to do a Star Wars party in early fall last year, so I thought about the party for many months prior to the actual event. You can save big money when you are planning well in advance for a birthday party. Most of the items were bought 50-90% off, which is pretty awesome.

Star Wars Birthday Invitation 

Star Wars Birthday Invitation
I spent a long time searching for a non-cheesy Star Wars birthday invitation. My criteria: no photos from the movie + a spot for Elias’s picture fighting Darth Vader at Disneyland. I finally found one on Etsy that seemed like it could work and the designer was so sweet to modify it to make it the perfect fit (see the sample above, with address and name change – clearly I’m not Vanessa.). Sadly, she isn’t offering these invites in her shop anymore! I printed them using Minted.

Star Wars Party Food

Star Wars birthday party foodBecause the party was in the afternoon, we kept the food VERY simple. I was inspired by these signs to make similar signs for the table. Here’s what we served.

Star Wars birthday party food

Star Wars birthday party food

  • Wookie Cookies: Rice krispie treats made with regular and cocoa krispies
  • Droid parts: Chex Mix
  • Darthritos: Doritos (in a cute Darth Vader serving bowl that I borrowed from a friend)
  • Fruit sabers: A mix of summer fruit on skewers

I bought a Star Wars tablecloth for the table, and used black plates along with Star Wars lunch and beverage napkins.

Star Wars Party with custom Storm Trooper Drink Canisters for Storm Trooper Refueling Station
We also had a Storm Trooper Refueling Station on the deck outside with water and apple juice in two metal canisters I painted and customized with Storm Trooper masks. I was so delighted by how they turned out. I spray painted the canisters with several coats of white paint, then used carbon paper to trace on the masks. Then I used a sharpie paint pen to color the masks on the canisters. They turned out perfect!

Star Wars birthday cake with Darth Vader and lightsabers
The cake was made by Sugar Lump Cakes here in Nashville. We couldn’t have been more pleased by how it turned out and Elias ADORED it.

Stars Wars Jedi Training Academy

The theme of the party was a Jedi Training Academy. The kids had a series of activities to complete during the party. Fifteen six-year-olds, plus a lot of activities made for a bit of chaos, but the kids had so much fun.

Dress like a Jedi

When the young jedis arrived to the party, the first thing we had them do was get their jedi cloak and fill out their jedi nametag.

Star Wars birthday party with jedi cloaks
The cloaks were made by simply cutting brown fabric and using cut clothesline for belts. I found several tutorials for much more elaborate cloaks, but I didn’t feel like investing THAT much time and the kids loved them just as they were.

Star Wars birthday party with star wars nametags for jedis
The nametags were helpful since we had several parents helping with the activities who didn’t know all the kids. And the jedis loved filling them out. (Get the free download here.)

Star Wars birthday party with star wars nametags for jedis
The jedis then got their lightsabers, which were simply pool noodles (cut in half) wrapped in duct tape and electrical tape. Super simple and a big hit!

Pose in the intergalactic photo booth

Star Wars birthday party with Star Wars photo backdrop

Star Wars birthday party with Star Wars photo backdrop
Once they were all dressed and equipped, we had them pose in front of the Star Wars photo backdrop.

These scene setters are a party favorite of mine and this one didn’t disappoint.

Conquer the Jedi Training Academy Obstacle Course

Star Wars Birthday Party Jedi Training Academy
The first activity we did was the jedi training academy obstacle course, which was a series of activities that the young jedis rotated through. I made the sign by cutting the letters and stars out with my Silhouette Cameoand then running them through my Xyron (one of my favorite party DIY tools) to put adhesive on the back.

Originally we planned for the whole thing to be in our backyard, but because of rain the night before and all morning, we moved much of it to the driveway, small front yard of our house. We ended up having parents at almost activity to help kids easily transition from one to another, which was a huge help!

The games included:

Star Wars Birthday Party with Jedi Training Academy gamesStar Wars Birthday Party with Jedi Training Academy games

Bombing the death star(a corn hole board with a death star on it that I made out of silver cardstock)

Star Wars Birthday Party with Jedi Training Academy games
Navigating through storm trooper laser fire:
The laser was simply red yarn attached to the ground with tent stakes.

Star Wars Birthday Party with Jedi Training Academy games

Star Wars Birthday Party with Jedi Training Academy games
Stepping over lava blobs:
The lava blobs were orange and red balloons nailed to a board with a disposable red tablecloth beneath the board

Blast Darth Vader and the Storm Trooper: I nailed two masks that Elias had in his dress up collection to a board and the kids fired at them with small nerf guns (this was everyone’s favorite in the obstacle course)

Star Wars Birthday Party with Jedi Training Academy games
Launch space fliers (frisbees):
Using a mini frisbee golf that I bought from Target 90% off the summer before, we made this a space fliers game where the kids needed to get a frisbee in the basket.

Toss the meteors: We took a ladderball game (another 90% off Target find) and said that this was “toss the meteors”.

Star Wars Birthday party scavenger hunt
Find 10 Darth Vaders:
After the obstacle course, the kids got to go on a scavenger hunt to find 10 Darth Vaders. These were Darth Vader eggs that I bought 50% off after Easter at Target. I also bought some R2D2 jelly bean holders and we hid three of those. If the kids found one of the R2D2s, they received a special Yoda prize basket (again, Easter clearance find).

Star Wars Birthday party scavenger hunt
For collecting the Darth Vader eggs, I hot glued Darth Vader heads (half of a Darth Easter Egg) on simple gift bags I bought at Target. They were SO cute.

Endure the Emperor’s Electricity: Pictures don’t do justice to the fun the jedis had with this activity.

Star Wars birthday party games

Star Wars birthday party gamesWe divided them into two groups, gave everyone one can of silly string (which I bought 90% off after Halloween, but you can also find cans at the $1 store) and let them have at it in our cul de sac. Most of the kids had never done silly string before, which made it particular exciting. They giggled, shrieked and had so much fun!

Complete light saber training with Darth Vader: The finale of the Jedi Training camp was light saber training. We taught the kids a variety of moves with their light sabers and then Darth Vader made a surprise appearance!

Star Wars birthday party with Darth Vader

Star Wars birthday party with Darth Vader
The kids had no idea he was coming and were so shocked! We bought a Darth Vader costume for Matthew to wear at the party. The costume we bought didn’t come with a full mask, but thankfully a friend had one and let us borrow it.

Star Wars birthday party with Darth Vader
Every child got to fight Darth once and then we took a group photo. My only regret was not getting a photo of Elias and Darth – especially since it was his Daddy! It was really hot and I was just thinking of getting Matthew out of that plastic mask.

Star Wars birthday party game pin the light saber on Yoda
Pin the Lightsaber on Yoda:
One additional game I made was pin the lightsaber on yoda. This was a special request from Elias. I printed a Yoda coloring sheet, blew it up to 11×17, cut him out and glued him on some foam board.

The letters were cut using my Silhouette Cameo. I used electric green cardstock for the lightsabers and ran them through my Xyron creative station to put adhesive on the back so they were ready for the kids to stick to the game.

Star Wars Party Favors

Star Wars birthday party favorsWhen the jedis left, they received a Star Wars puzzle and piggy bank as their party favor. I bought these on clearance in the Target dollar spot. (The Yoda baskets were the special prizes from the egg hunt.)

We also gave them Jedi Training Academy certificates (downloaded from here).

Star Wars birthday party

Star Wars birthday party
As you can see, it was a party to remember. I was POOPED when it was all over. A special shout-out to my dear friend Chris who flew in to help with the party. There is no way everything would have come together as well as it did without his incredible can-do spirit.

For more Star Wars party inspiration, check out my Star Wars board on Pinterest.

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Audrey McClelland October 8, 2014 at 8:55 am

Simply amazing. I mean, you covered everything!!! So cool!! LOVE your ideas!! Bookmarking for Henry’s bday! xo


Shelbie October 8, 2014 at 10:17 pm

Thanks for sharing all of your great tips! I just hope one of my boys ends up loving Star Wars enough to want a SW birthday party one of these days! :)


Christy October 9, 2014 at 12:33 am

Absolutely amazing party!! I love all of your wonderful ideas.


Debbie October 9, 2014 at 7:34 am

Just an amazing party…I wish I could have been there !! You even had bad weather to deal with….The force was with you <3


Danielle Smith October 9, 2014 at 8:07 am

What an extraordinary day, Jessica! You thought of absolutely everything – the details, the FUN – it is all perfect. It is easy, as a mom who loves to throw parties like this to get caught up in all of the details, but what is most clear from the pictures is how you made the kids – your son especially – FEEL. He is never going to forget this. THIS will be the day he always says, ‘Mom…remember when you did that Star Wars party for me?’ – THIS is that amazing. Fabulous.


Su January 27, 2015 at 5:07 pm

Wonderful ideas! So smart and – creative! Thank you for sharing, as a Mom who travels a lot for work, it is so appreciated to not reinvent the wheel for great party ideas.


Pam May 25, 2016 at 7:58 am

I love this idea, thank you for sharing! Can you tell me the measurement for the Jedi cloaks you made and what kind of fabric you used?


jessicaturner May 25, 2016 at 3:30 pm

I don’t know the measurement, but it was just plain brown cotton fabric.


Pam May 26, 2016 at 8:36 am

ok, thanks!


Michelle September 30, 2016 at 8:01 am

Hi there!! What an amazing party!! I am having a Star Wars party for my son soon…. would it be ok if I used some of your ideas??? :)


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