Decorating with Noisy Decorations Kids Love

by jessicaturner on October 14, 2014

SandyHalloweenThis weekend my Aunt Sandy was in town, and we went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday. Though it rained for much of our time at the patch, it really got me in the spirit of decorating for Halloween.

With being in my third trimester, I am doing my best to keep things simple, but thankfully Hallmark sent me several decor items that satisfied my decorating itch and make my kids happy.

Halloween decor fromAlmost everything Hallmark sent makes noise, lights up, moves, etc. These types of decorations aren’t really my speed, but since having kids, I have softened a good bit because the kids like them SO much. In general, motherhood forces us to relax, doesn’t it? Moreover, because they are holiday decorations, they get to be stored in a few weeks, so the noise is short-lived. :)

When I opened the box of Halloween decor, at first I thought, oh no, but the kids were like “THESE ARE AWESOME.” I had to hold them back not to open everything immediately. They couldn’t wait for me to take pictures of the products so that they could get everything out of the boxes and REALLY play.

I was going to make a video with Elias and have him share about these products because he and Adeline love them so much. Well, Adeline decided she wanted to do it too, so I just let the two of them talk and show the products off. I think they might be future YouTube stars – ha!

It’s a definite glimpse into life with the two of them and how they interact. I love how Adeline comments on the Tricks the Toe-Tappin Treat Bag, “I like this because this is so awesome.” Clearly she has picked up on my use of the word awesome. :)

Elias’s favorite is the Drop ‘n’ Go spider – he loves making it go up and down over and over again.

Of course, they both adore the Mickey and Minnie itty bittys. Honestly, itty bittys are always their favorites from Hallmark. They are SO sweet. (Side note: I love that Jennifer Garner’s kids love them too!)

So I’m curious. Do you have any “noisy” decorations in your house? Do you love them or do you have them for your kids?

Disclosure: This post is part of a year-long series sponsored by Hallmark. All thoughts are my own.

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Jo-Lynne Shane October 14, 2014 at 7:19 am

These are too fun! We’ve been having a blast with ours. I don’t typically purchase noisy decorations either, but for Halloween they are perfect! :-)


Nicole Feliciano October 14, 2014 at 9:53 am

my kids would love this–they are so into Halloween!


DEBBIE October 15, 2014 at 8:54 pm

Love how excited Adeline is about that bag !!! Its adorable !!


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