Tutorial: No-Sew Star-Bellied Sneetch Dr. Seuss Costume

by jessicaturner on September 5, 2014

Tutorial How to Make a Star Bellied Sneetch Dr. Seuss Costume
For Dr. Seuss Week a few months ago, I made simple costumes for each of my kids. I decided to wait on doing tutorials until closer to Halloween.

Today I wanted to share how I made a Dr. Seuss-inspired Star-Bellied Sneetch Costume for Elias. You remember The Sneetches and Other Stories, right? Such a classic!

This costume is super easy to make and requires no sewing.

I didn’t think about a tutorial as I was putting the Star-Bellied Sneetch Costume together, but I made a video afterward talking about how to do it step-by-step.

Supplies that you will need

how to make a star-bellied Sneetch Dr. Seuss Costume
Steps for Making a Dr. Seuss Inspired Star-Bellied Sneetch

  • Dye t-shirt and white hat with yellow Rit dye, following instructions in dye. This will ensure that the costume pieces match (vs. if you were to find a yellow t-shirt or yellow hat)
  • Cut white long triangles for the shirt
  • Cut a green star for the belly
  • Iron on all felt pieces using Stitch Witchery
  • Paint eyes on hat using craft paint
  • Adhere black feathers to top of hat

how to make a star-bellied Sneetch Dr. Seuss Costume
So if you are looking for a fun and easy costume, this might be your answer! Next week I will be sharing how to make a Sam I Am costume.

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