Our Great Big American God: Why You Need This Book

by jessicaturner on August 19, 2014

Our Great Big American God by Matthew Paul Turner
As a Christian, it can be very easy to live a comfortable faith journey, resting on the laurels of worship music, community groups and Sunday services. I know I have done this in my own life.

I think that is why I am so thankful for my husband, Matthew Paul Turner – because he is not comfortable with believers/the church living with the status quo. He asks hard questions and takes a stand. It is one of the many character traits I love about him – and why I think his voice is so needed in today’s culture.

His new book, Our Great Big American God: A Short History of Our Ever-Growing Deity releases today and frankly, I think every person who calls themselves a Christian in America needs to read it.

Here’s the thing. We learn American history in school. But most of us know little about the history of our faith, particularly how it has been influenced in the past 400 years in America. And knowing the backstory is incredibly important.

As I read Our Great Big American God, I found myself nodding my head again and again. I thought about my own faith and how its been shaped.

I know this isn’t my usual type of book recommendation, but I hope that makes it all the more clear to you that this is something I really believe in. You might not agree with everything in the book, and that’s okay too. Faith is a journey and the journey is made better when we are students who are challenged.

And lest you think I am just a biased wife (and surely I am), read what others are saying:

This is easily my book recommendation of the year. It is insightful, funny, and heavy; encouraging, challenging, and heartbreaking at times. It’s a book for everyone in the Church. Truly, “must read.”

Before you get mad at Matthew Paul Turner’s next thought-provoking post…before you reach down to pick up a stone, pause to remember that he’s giving you a gift—himself—and asking you to think, to grow, to become deeper, and more passionate follower of Jesus.
5 Reasons the Church Needs Matthew Paul Turner and Our Great Big American God

“This book is enlightening, funny and filled with so many historical insights, I found myself uttering ‘Aha!’ at least twice per page.”
AJ Jacobs, New York Times bestselling author of The Year of Living Biblically

I hope that you will pick up Our Great Big American God today.

Note: Amazon is currently listing the book out of stock, but you can still go ahead and order the book. It will ship soon. Of course, you can also order it on Barnes and Noble or Books a Million, who both have it in stock!

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Megan Cohn August 19, 2014 at 4:14 pm

Looks like a great book! Can’t wait to check it out!


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