A Quick Pregnancy Update: 13 Weeks

by jessicaturner on July 11, 2014

Well, I’m officially in the second trimester… I’ll be 14 weeks on Monday. (My shirt is non-maternity from thredUP.)

Due Date: January 12, 2015 (they moved my due date back one week, though I am still hoping for an early January arrival!)

Baby size: 3″ – a peapod

Sickness: Unfortunately, I am still throwing up every day. I am grateful though because it was 5-6 times a day until I got a new pill called Diclegis. It is working great and now I’m *only* sick 1-2 times a day. But I have been sick since 4 weeks, so I am pretty exhausted by it all.

I was this sick with Adeline and it ended at about 16-17 weeks, so I am hoping August will be better!

Energy: I’m SOOOO tired, especially this week. I have gone to bed every day between 7-8 pm and slept until 5:30-6:30. Those who know me well know that 5:30 is late and 6:30 is REALLY late for me. The exhaustion is really cutting into my fringe hours, which is why things have been a bit quiet here on the blog. (Find me more often on Instagram and Facebook)

Cravings: I am loving fruit, especially watermelon and cantaloupe, and every time I go to Panera I get two pickles. I’m such a stereotype! I also really want avocado, but it always makes me sick.

Gender: We don’t know yet, but I suspect a girl since I have been so sick. Matthew says boy. I’m planning to take the Intelligender Gender Prediction Test Kitnext week. It was right for our other two kids, so we’ll see. And we should have our gender ultrasound in late August. (I absolutely could NOT wait. COULD. NOT.)

Thanks for all your kindness during this special season! So grateful for this community.

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Patricia July 11, 2014 at 12:55 pm

Congratulations Jessica! Hope the morning sickness disappears soon for you..you’re such a trouper.


Jo-Lynne Shane {Musings of a Housewife} July 11, 2014 at 1:09 pm

You are beautiful, even if you are upchucking 2x a day. Which sounds like HELL to me, how are you still smiling!??? Here’s hoping you’re feeling more like yourself VERY SOON! xo


Sarah July 17, 2014 at 10:37 am

As someone who suffered with HG for 39 weeks you have my deepest sympathy! :( I’m glad the new medicine is helping! I’ll have to remember the name for next time I’m pregnant.


Alica September 26, 2014 at 5:26 am

Jessica, you got a beautiful smile. Well, congrats girl!! Keep going. :) God bless!


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