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by Amy Jacobs on March 3, 2014

AmyJacobsNote from Jessica: Today I am thrilled to have my dear friend Amy from Gather & Build posting today. She is a creative muse. Her sensibility for design and creating beautiful spaces is one I long to emulate. (Seriously, her home was on the cover of a Better Homes and Garden special issue. I am so proud of her.) I was tickled that she decided to write about girls’ room decor and know y’all will love her and be inspired. Thank you, Amy.

When Jess asked me to join The Mom Creative for a day, I wondered what in the world I’d share with this community of savvy women who love a deal and can craft circles around me. 

I do design. I’m into interiors. I’m more creative than crafty. And then it hit me. 

Adeline. Her spirited child.

I wonder what sort of space will suit her as she grows and becomes more of who she is?

Spaces for children are a designer’s playground—an open invitation to pair wild, bold colors with whimsical and soft. Fabrics and patterns should mix and mingle yet avoid a fight. Sort of like people, right?

I’ve pulled together a few mood boards in hopes of inspiring you. There’s bedding, rugs, and a little something for the walls. But here’s my disclaimer: I’m nowhere near as good as Jess at finding a deal. She leaves me in the dust. 

As I gathered inspiration, I pulled rugs that are frequently on sale (sometimes at 50%-60% discounts). The bedding is a mixed bag of affordability. And the screenprints are the work of I Screen You Screen—my favorite screenprinting team.  Links to products are vendors are included for you.

Take a look!

Green & Pink Bedroom Decor

1    2   3   4 


1    2   3   4  

Shabby Chic Girls Bedroom

1    2    3   4  

Gray and Pink Girl's Bedroom

1    2    3   4  

Gray Turquoise Girl's Bedroom

1    2    3   4   

Pink and Orange Girls Bedroom

1    2    3   4   

Bright and Bold Girls Room Idea

1    2    3   4 

 So there you have it: my wild roundup of patterns and textiles.

And, do you or do you not L.O.V.E. those screenprints. So sweet. So spunky.

Side note: Some of the boards didn’t have a number/link to the screenprint pictured, so here’s your link.

I hope you’ve been inspired to mix and match with reckless abandon. You’re welcome to come over to my blog any time for more inspiration—I’d love to have you. Thank you, Jess, for having me!



Note: All photographs are those of the company from which the product is available. I chose every product of my own accord based upon my taste and was not influenced by any other factor. Just thought you should know.


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becca h March 3, 2014 at 1:22 pm

Love love love these options and your style! I would love to see what you would put together for boys as I am at a standstill for my son! Thanks so much!


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