Project Simplify: A Put-Off Project (Kids Cupboards)

by jessicaturner on April 29, 2013

Now that we have been in the house for six months, we have discovered some of our rhythms, how we use things, where we use things, etc. It definitely is a process being in a new house, isn’t it?

One of the selling points of our new home were the beautiful built-ins. Some of the first boxes that I unpacked when we moved in were book boxes. I was so excited to fill those glorious built-ins with books.

However, I have also found them to be a bit of a challenge on the organization front, particularly the cabinets. They are deep and tallish and I just haven’t known what to do with them. So I decided to tackle them for this challenge.

Round rug from Zulily

When I started, this is what they looked like – a mess of videos, baby bibs, books, random wires, etc. It was bad! Plus there were also a pile of coloring pages and misc. stuff piled on the shelf above too.

I decided that I really wanted to convert the use of the cabinets to be almost exclusively for kids stuff – kids games, art supplies, DVDs, etc.. Anything extra in there needed to find a new home.

My first step was to empty everything out.

Then the challenge was determining what would stay in the cabinets, what needed a better organization solution to stay in the cabinet, what needed to go somewhere else and what needed to be put in the garage sale we are planning for mid-May.

In less than 45 minutes, here’s what the result was.

SO much better! I hope y’all have enjoyed this little series (check out part 1: the craft room and part 2: piles). It motivated me to do something small each week, and those something smalls made a big difference. I told Matthew I wish Tsh would do this every week. :)

Do you have a put-off project that you can tackle this week?

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Lisa April 29, 2013 at 11:35 am

Looks great! I always love some fresh organization.


jessicaturner April 29, 2013 at 12:40 pm

me too!


Alana in Canada April 30, 2013 at 5:57 pm

There is something every week for useful projects just like this! It’s at Pancakes and French Fries. Jules calls it the William Morris project. I try to have something every week for it. It keeps me looking for ways to improve and helps with procrastination! Check it out and see if it’s something you’d like to participate in.


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