Thomas the Train in Sri Lanka

by jessicaturner on August 23, 2012

Today Matthew leaves with the World Vision team to go to Sri Lanka. There, he and 9 other bloggers will see and share about the important work that World Vision is doing. This is not his first trip like this, but with each trip, Elias seems to have a little better understanding of why Daddy is leaving.

Earlier this month, as we prayed about the trip, we decided to sponsor another child through World Vision. This time we selected a sweet faced boy named Vidharshan. He lives in Sri Lanka and is a year older than Elias (he turns 5 on September 4).

I went to Target to buy a few small gifts for Matthew to put in a backpack to give to Vidharshan. One of the things I bought were two Thomas the Train t-shirts- one for Elias and one for Vidharshan. Yesterday Elias put the t-shirt on and posed for a photo for Vidharshan. I had it printed at Walgreens and slipped it in Vidharshan’s backpack.

My hope is that when Matthew meets Vidharshan, that he will be willing to put the shirt on and smile for a picture for Elias.

Elias and I talked about Vidharshan a lot last night. We packed the backpack and talked about how both boys have the same tshirt. Elias picked two matchbox cars from his collection to give to Vidharshan. He also made him a birthday card. We talked about how when you are a lucky little boy, it is important to be generous and help other little kids who don’t have such nice things. (If you haven’t read Matthew’s post about talking to Elias about God, faith and living the Christian life, it is a must-read.)

I love that the simple Thomas t-shirt might remind these two boys of each other.

Though their life’s circumstances are drastically different, they are so similar.

They both love to color.

They both like balls.

They both have beautiful smiles.

They both have parents who love them.

But one lives in a place where life isn’t quite as easy. And that is where the other can serve him.

It’s just $35 a month. And it can – and does – change lives.

If your family does not sponsor any children through an organization like World Vision, or if you do, but your budget would allow for you to sponsor another child, might I be bold enough to ask you to take that leap of faith?  Not only will your sponsorship dollars help a child like Vidharshan – they will help a community. Moreover, sponsorship will give you the opportunity to talk with your child about the poor, give of themselves and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Child sponsorship has changed our family’s life, and the longer I am a parent the more I realize the incredible importance of this monthly act of giving for our family.


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Jessica Kelley August 23, 2012 at 11:07 am

I love the t-shirt idea. And how Elias gave some of his own cars. Kate loved picking out new things to give, but I didn’t think about something of her own. She loves to draw pictures to send to our sponsored kids, though. As she’s learning to write her letters, she’ll sometimes fill a page with random letters, and I worry that a foreign translator is going to waste a bunch of time trying to decipher what’s she’s “written”! :0)


MPT August 23, 2012 at 1:43 pm

I love this. Your heart never ceases to amaze. Thank you baby for pushing me do what I was created to do. Your support are wings to my spirit. Love you.


Louise August 23, 2012 at 2:00 pm

I love the TShirt idea! Bummed I never thought of doing that lol. Loved even more that Elias is catching the “world vision” from parents with a vision for the world..
The more I get to “know” your family, (yes, I read Matthew’s blogs) the more I’m so the tangible love that flowss from your lives, into your children, and beyond to others. Beautiful thoughtful, real love in action. God bless the Turners! xo


Vera August 25, 2012 at 5:34 am

Bless you! World Vision works in the Philippines too. I worked for quite awhile in child rights’ advocacies and have seen them work too. Sponsors like you are modern day heroes. Thank you!


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