Motherhood Monday: My Missing Wallet and Slowing Down

by jessicaturner on February 6, 2012

Elias had his first dentist appointment on Thursday.

Since I wanted to capture it, I told Matthew I would take Elias and then drop both kids at school.

When we got to the dentist, I tucked my camera and wallet in the diaper bag, not wanting to carry in my too big purse too.

When we got to day care,  I was rushing to get the kids into school and then to work.

I pulled some things out of the diaper bag (including my camera and wallet – I thought), plopped Adeline in the stroller, got the kids into school and then drove to work.

As I pulled into work, I reached in my purse for my wallet and it wasn’t there. (My wallet has my keycard in it, which I need to park at my office.)

I pulled over, got out of the car, rummaged around… nope, not there.

I turned the car back on, went back to day care (which is thankfully only five minutes from work), frustrated with myself the whole way there…

I quickly rushed into school, got to Adeline’s room and there was no wallet there.


So I dashed out of day care, back to the car, frustrated.

As my heels clicked on the sidewalk, I felt the Lord say, breathe. slow. down. slow. down. You are rushing too much. Just relax.

I took a breath and opened the passenger door.

There was my wallet on the floor, tucked under the seat.

It’s funny how sometimes “little things” become “a-ha!” moments. Misplacing my wallet helped remind me of the importance of taking things in stride.

Has this kind of thing happened to you? What was your a-ha moment?

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Natalie February 6, 2012 at 9:04 am

I’m also a working mom, and many times on the weekends the diaper bag becomes my purse for trips shopping, to church, family functions, etc. And then i get to work on Monday and go to leave for lunch and have NO WALLET, or go worse, it is time to pay for my meal and my wallet isn’t there!!! The horror!!

The worst for me, in the rush of doing a million this, was this december. we had a all hands meeting off site. i was actually going to get off work about and hour and a half early because we got done a little earlier than normal, and it didn’t make sense to treck the 30 min back to the office, sign back in for the day, etc. I was already close to home…most of my coworkers were going home, etc. but I get out of the mtg and i’m sort of blocked in. so i crawl into my van from the passenger side and try to wiggle the van out of the parking spot while not hitting the car that has me wedged in. to get to the point, i end up clipping the car ont he other side of me. so i end up having to wait on this person, no damage was done to that truck, but during all this the owner of the car that has be blocked in comes out. my lesson, if i wuld have just slowed down and waited 20 min – itwoud have saved me all that money and heartache (which ended up being my ipad2 for christmas). I’m sure God had a reason for my van being blocked in, but iwas wanting to rush home to get a million things checked off my todo list when I needed to just be patient and wait a few minutes.

sigh. yes, i can totally relate. being a mom is hard. being a working mom trying to juggle everything is even harder!


Stacey K February 6, 2012 at 7:05 pm

yesterday I was dropping my biggest 2 at school & pre-school, there is a fair walk between their classrooms, we weren’t in a rush, but for some reason I kept hurrying my littlest along, she is 1.5 & just wants to see everything…when I got to pre-school I had a chat with the teacher about allowing ourselves to slow down, to let go of that rushed feeling…After pre-school we went to the zoo, we had plenty of time & we have a zoo membership so we can go back whenever we like, I kept stopping myself from asking the girls to move on to the next animal…there was no rush, we didn’t need to see all the animals…it was hard because the other times we have been to the zoo there has been that pressure not to miss anything, I need to practice not rushing through things, to be in the moment more, not always thinking about what is happening next.


Nana February 6, 2012 at 9:10 pm

Sorry sweetheart that you had a rough start….wish so many times I was closer to help with your very busy life….Love you xoxo


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