Heartsy.Me – Tips and Tricks About My New Addiction

by jessicaturner on May 27, 2011

A few weeks ago I shared about a new site that I had found called Heartsy.me.

Heartsy.me is like Groupon, only the vendors are exclusively on Etsy.

I love Etsy, but usually only browse because I generally think, oh, I could just make it myself… (I think having a girl will change that because the headbands alone on Etsy are enough to send me into a buying frenzy.)

But thanks to Heartsy.me, I have ordered more from Etsy than ever before, have gotten amazing items and have paid 50-75% off on everything.

Things I have bought:

  • Crayon rolls for Elias and Adeline
  • Bibs for Adeline
  • The sweetest blanket for Adeline
  • A hand knit hat and diaper cover for Adeline’s newborn shoot
  • Fabric
  • Headbands for Adeline (I couldn’t make them for the price I got them on Heartsy!)

Here are the things I have learned:

  • Most deals are in the $9-12 range for $20-$30 in products
  • Heartsy.me offers a VIP program. For $7.95 (for the month), you get access to deals a day early, and you usually get a VIP perk when you buy the deal (ie: a deal worth $20 is worth $30 for VIPS). I decided to try it for a month and am so glad that I did. I have gotten more than $60 in VIP perks for my $7.95. Not bad!
  • Heartsy.me deals open up at 10 am every day and sometimes sell out in a matter of minutes. This is where the VIP perk of buying before the sale opens comes in very handy.
  • When someone signs up through your referral link, they get $5. When they buy, you get $5. It is a win-win for everyone! Since so many deals are $9, this means you can easily get $20 worth of handmade products on Etsy for $4. YEOW!
  • After buying your Heartsy.me deal you either want to a) buy immediately (the Etsy shop is usually SLAMMED) or wait for them to get caught up. One vendor told me she had 200 orders in 24 hours and it was just her sewing.
  • Generally, the most common types of shops featured are: baby and kids, jewelry, paper goods, printed items, vintage and upcycled clothes. There is usually something kids every day.
  • Heartsy.me also features vendors that are being considered for upcoming deals and you can rate them. I have seen several vendors get featured that I said, yes, yes, yes too! :)

One of tomorrow’s deals is for these monthly onesie stickers – PERFECT shower/new baby gift. It is $9 for $20 worth of product (or $30 if you are a VIP). I snatched one up today (thank you VIP perks).

So, if you haven’t signed up for Heartsy.me yet, I would definitely encourage you to do so. You have nothing to lose and you will likely fall in love.

I know I have.

And one more thing – The Tiny Prints deal I posted below expires at 10 CST, so be sure to jump on it if you didn’t catch it yesterday. :)

Disclosure: referral link used, but clearly, I love this site. And you will get a $5 credit for signing up. I love referrals like that!

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Cara May 27, 2011 at 6:09 pm

Wow! Thanks for the tip on the VIP thing! I find “voting” on stuff super addicting:). I have yet to buy anything, but I will. Oh, I will:)


Michele May 27, 2011 at 9:12 pm

Thanks Jess! I signed up through your link and am looking forward to the deals! I’m moving this summer, from having a roommate to likely living alone, and want to decorate with some special etsy finds :) and also buy gifts, of course!



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