The Freaky Elmo

by jessicaturner on March 3, 2011

This past weekend was Elmo’s birthday and it seemed like every toy store and book store in Nashville was having a party.

A friend forwarded me an invite to a party at a toy store about 25 minutes from our house that Elmo was going to be at.

So we rearranged some weekend plans so that Elias and I could attend.

For two days we talked about going to Elmo’s birthday party.

Elias was so excited.

On Saturday morning he wore his Elmo shirt and was ready to go have cake for Elmo’s birthday.

When we got near the store, we started singing Happy Birthday Elmo in the car.

When we walked in the store, Elias saw Elmo about 20 feet ahead of him.

(It was actually a person dressed in a poorly made knock-off Elmo costume and the eyes were TOTALLY wrong. I wish I had gotten a picture.)

Elias started to cry and said, I want to go home, I want to go home, no Elmo, no Elmo. 

I tried bribing him with promises of a small toy, lets go look at these over here, but there was no convincing him.

He just got louder and more insistent. NO ELMO.

We never even got close to Elmo.

Instead, we got in the car and went to JoAnns.

Somehow, I am thinking that pictures with the Easter Bunny are NOT happening this year.

Have your kids ever been scared of a costumed character?

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