(in)courage: Seeing Amazing Amidst the Piles

by jessicaturner on March 14, 2011

The (in)courage writers have been known to send dozens of emails back and forth to one another in the course of a day.

During one bantering session about some folks needing to get a form submitted (I’m an over-achiever and sent mine in first), Lysa and I exchanged these emails:

L: Oh, how I want to be like you when I grow up.  You were first?  Sigh…  I hated being last to be picked on the kickball team and now dang if I’m not last again.  Double sigh.

J: I was always picked last whenever it came to sports. I stink.

L: Have mercy… I got nothing. Oh wait, I can bowl a 120 with the side rails up!  Whew, all is well again.  Now, I have three piles I have to go search through to hopefully discover this document that is completely stressing me out.  THREE PILES.  Pray for me.

J: Um, you run Proverbs 31. And were on the NYT list.  Pretty sure that’s something. :)

L: Oh yes!  That’s why I have three piles.  See, that’s what friends are for… we see our piles, they see the NYT list.

I so can relate to Lysa.

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