Five Days

by jessicaturner on March 31, 2011

Next week Wednesday, April 6 will be my last day as a Senior Account Executive and Online Strategist at Lovell Communications.

The following Tuesday, April 12 will be my first day as the Heart Marketing Manager for Vanderbilt Medical Center.


I am overwhelmed with so many emotions as my time at Lovell ends (and pregnancy hormones don’t help).
Each day I tackle a shelf, a filing cabinet, a stack of papers – passing necessary documents on to other colleagues, and recycling the rest.

I have recycled thousands of pieces of paper.


With each stack, I have reflected on the projects I have worked on, crying tears of gratitude for the experiences I have had and the people with whom I have worked.

It has been a great ride.

I have learned and grown so much as a marketing professional since starting at Lovell bright-eyed and green – just weeks after graduating college.

And as this chapter ends, I have been reminded of the most important lesson:

It was never about the client projects.

Not really anyway.

Sure, the projects mattered (and they kept me in my job!).

But ultimately, those thousands of recycled papers represent work that is finished – and maybe forgotten.

However, the relationships with my clients and colleagues are what I will take with me. The stories, the laughs and the trust we developed.

It’s like Nichole Nordeman’s song, Legacy:

How will they remember me? Did I chose to love, did I point to You enough?

My prayer is that as this chapter ends, they will remember that I loved them.

Their projects.

Their companies.

And undoubtedly, God has great plans for the next stop of this journey. I am very excited about my move to Vanderbilt and the new experiences I am about to gain.

But for the next five days, I am focusing on ending this chapter well.

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Erin April 2, 2011 at 2:51 am

Prayers for a smooth and emotion-ful transition. Yes…one with lots of hugs, tears, giggles and cheers!



Carole April 3, 2011 at 3:29 am

I love the above writing, “FIVE DAYS”. Jess, I am so excited for you, praying the next few days will go well. Love you, mom


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