Current Top 5 Musts of Pregnancy

by jessicaturner on March 11, 2011

Here are my top 5 pregnancy musts right now:

Belly belt: You might remember that I have no tone, so I have been using a belly belt to help my back these days. It makes a big difference- when I remember to wear it.

Body pillow– I am a big time tummy sleeper (so is Elias). This is NOT good for pregnancy. We busted out my giant all around te body pillow to help me sleep better. It is sort of working. I still often wake up on my stomach – usually because of discomfort and little kicks. Poor Matthew doesn’t have much room in the bed.

Warm compress– I have been having some sciatica, just like I had with Elias at this stage in the game. A warm compress in the microwave or the heating pad on low does just the trick to relieve this pain.

Bella bands- While over the belly maternity pants are my favorite, I just don’t have many pairs. Therefore, I am thankful for Bella Bands which allow me to wear regular pants a while longer. I also love how they feel over my belly.

Chips – My biggest pregnancy craving is chips – totally delicious, but not good for weight gain. Cool ranch Doritos and Harvest Cheddar sun chips are my favorites.

What were your must haves during your pregnancy?

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