Another Weekend of Cleaning/Organizing

by jessicaturner on March 18, 2011

Matthew and I are in major get-the-house-ready-to-sell mode! It is so fun seeing everything come together.

Fresh paint on the walls.


Organized closets.


Fresh caulk in the bathrooms


I am blown away by all of our stuff! It’s a little overwhelming. I have been taking trunkloads to Goodwill and really considering DO I NEED THIS? (And if I am really honest, the answer is usually no.)

My friend Tsh (you might know her awesome website Simple Mom) recently wrote a book called Organized Simplicity: The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living.

If you are not as organized as you would like to be (or even if you are), I encourage you to check out this book. It is so inspiring and refreshing. I am normally not a fan of these types of books – they all kind of run together for me, but not this one. Simply. Wonderful.

To get a taste of Tsh’s awesome writing style and encouraging motivation to clean, organize and decluter check out her blog series that is going on right now Project: Simplify. It’s so, so good.

Disclosure: Amazon affiliate link used

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