You Have No Tone

by jessicaturner on January 28, 2011

For a few days last week, I had an on again, off again feeling of pressure in my lower abdomen and pelvis.

I felt like I was eight months pregnant with child, its head pressing hard down low. But, I am only four months along…

It just didn’t feel right.

I woke up with the feeling again on Thursday, but was busy with Elias (since Matthew was out of town) and plans of calling my midwife that morning didn’t happen.

After lunch, I thought, gosh, I still feel weird, so I called and left a message for my midwife. I had a flight booked for 4:45 and just wanted to get a “you’re okay, drink lots of water” type response from my midwife.

Instead, the nurse said I needed to come right in. I may not be able to fly. My regular midwife wasn’t in, but another was there that I could see.

So I rushed to the office and again mentioned my flight. It was starting to rain/snow outside and I knew Nashville traffic would quickly become an issue as people started to go home to beat the weather.

I waited AN HOUR.

It turned out, I was fine. In fact, the midwife simply told me, “you have no tone.”


Basically, my muscles got really stretched after having Elias and they never went back. So, now that I am pregnant again, I am feeling a lot of pressure. She said that doing things like kegels can help.

I never do kegels.

Seriously, who can remember? Do you do them? Do you think Michelle Duggar does them? She must. How else could you have that many babies?

I told Angie once I should program a reminder in my phone to do kegels.

She about fell out of her chair laughing.

The midwife said the pressure will lessen in a couple weeks, and then probably get bad in the third trimester.


She also advised that a belly belt might help a bit with the pressure and with a pat on my leg, sent me on my way.

By the time I left the office, traffic was a nightmare. It took me close to 2 hours to go what would normally take 15-20 minutes. I missed my flight, my rescheduled flight and then my rescheduled rescheduled flight.

What a mess- all because I have no tone.

Lesson learned: Do more kegels.

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