Pregnancy Update

by jessicaturner on January 19, 2011

I’m 17 weeks. Almost half-way!

Yes, I am still throwing up, but not six times a day – HOORAY! More like once or twice day about four-five times a week.  This has caused me to start to feel like my old self – at least to a degree. What a glorious feeling.

I have definitely popped. People are asking how far along am I, when am I due, etc.

This past week I started having some leg cramps while flying. I am also starting to have low-back pain. I had major sciatica with Elias and even wore a belly belt later in my pregnancy. That will likely happen again – though hopefully not soon.

I started feeling some flutters about two weeks ago, and I feel the baby at least once or twice a day. I’m excited to start feeling him or her more often soon.

I am still able to sleep on my stomach, which is awesome. It’s the only way I can really fall asleep. I am dreading the night I go to bed and can’t. :)

And if your curious, here’s a comparison to what I looked like with Elias at 17 weeks. Please don’t comment that there seems to be a bit more “junk in my trunk”!

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