2011 Goal: Move Into a House

by jessicaturner on January 6, 2011

We have one big home-related goal for 2011 – sell our condo and move into a house.

We have lived in our condo for six and a half years – and Matthew has lived in it for almost eight. It contains so many memories of:

  • falling in love
  • praying
  • laughing late into the night
  • writing books
  • eating dinners with friends
  • hosting parties
  • bringing home our first baby
  • making our second baby
  • celebrating birthdays and anniversaries

We thought we would only be here for a couple years after we got married, but it is close to everything, has a low-mortgage (which is a huge blessing), no outdoor maintenance (thank you condo association fees) and has been so comfortably US.

The ONLY downside is that it is on a second story.

Needless to say with a toddler and another one on the way, I curse those steps every day.

When discussing a new house, I jokingly say I don’t care about anything about it except it must be on the ground. :)

But really, I dream of:

  • good schools for Elias and the baby
  • a 20 minute or less commute to work
  • 4 bedrooms
  • a dining room to convert to an office for Matthew and me
  • more space (we are bursting at the seams!)
  • a yard to play in
  • kind neighbors with kids

For the next two months we are working hard to do some painting, purging and general get it ready to sell. With any luck, we will put it on the market in March or April.

And, maybe, just maybe, we will be in a new place by June?

Before the baby comes….

Although, if she comes and we are here, she won’t care. (To clarify – in case you missed my Facebook post- I took the intelligender test and it said we are having a girl! We will know for sure on Feb. 3! For now, I am dreaming pink.)

If you have any getting your house ready for sale tips for us, please share them. And if you would, whisper a prayer for us.

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