A Pregnancy Update

by jessicaturner on December 2, 2010

Hello friends who have been hanging in there through the last month of not the greatest blogging.

How are you?

I have so appreciated your thoughts, kind words and prayers. Many of you have been following me on Facebook, which has been an easy thing for me to update. I love receiving your encouragement there.

Here’s an update on me.

I am about 10 weeks – give or a take a couple days.

On Monday I go for a dating ultrasound.

We saw my midwife yesterday and heard the heartbeat RIGHT away – it was very strong and in the 170s.

I am not having any headaches with this pregnancy, which is AMAZING. I normally have chronic daily migraines and had migraines through my whole pregnancy with Elias. Now, this COULD mean it is a girl (hooray!), because my midwife said sometimes when the gender is the same (a girl), migrainers migraines go away because the hormones are the same and so increased. This is not always the case of course, but definitely a possibility.

I am throwing up on average 3-4 times a day.

I am taking a combo of zofran and fenigren to help with the vomiting. I am not sure it is helping, but I am taking it anyway. I am also snacking all the time to help curb the nausea – mostly pretzels and crackers, which I am totally sick of. No big cravings yet.

Elias understands that the baby is making me sick. Every day when I am in the bathroom throwing up he says to Matthew, “mommy sick. girl baby.” We have never promoted the whole girl baby thing – he just says it on his own. He always says it is a girl, even if we say, it could be a boy baby.

“no mommy. GIRL baby.”


So we shall see.

We are praying for a healthy little peanut – boy or girl.

We have a girl name, but no boy name yet. I am big on names with great meanings, so that’s the only big hang up. Let me know if you have any good boy names.

I generally am in bed by 8 pm – right after Elias. Usually I fall asleep before him. I’m up by 5:30/6, so I am getting lots of rest. My days consist of getting ready (and getting Elias ready) for the day, work, dinner and sleep. Not much else has been happening.

Hopefully, I will start to feel better in a couple weeks and everything will be back to normal- including blogging!

Much love to you today and during this beautiful Christmas season. (Be sure to grab my friend Ann’s free advent devotional (in her sidebar!) It will bless you.)

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