Taking Time for Sabbath

by jessicaturner on October 10, 2010

Wayne Muller, the author of the latest Bloom book Sabbath graciously wrote a post this past week about the importance of Sabbath. He shared these four lessons, which he wrote about in his new book, A Life of Being, Having and Doing Enough.

1) Regardless how beautiful its invitation, and no matter how clear our need for it, Sabbath time is fiercely elusive. Yet without Sabbath, many good- hearted people feel more exhausted, overwhelmed, and discouraged.

2) We rarely, if ever, feel any permission from anywhere or anyone that it is all right for us to stop, to rest, to take Sabbath time.

3) There is a reason that Sabbath is a commandment, and not merely a lifestyle suggestion. Because, left to our own judgment, we may never make the choice, nor feel the permission to stop.

4) We need to find some deep, inner permission to take Sabbath time.

Gosh, everything he said resonates with me. I rarely, if ever, feel permission to slow down. Can any of you relate to this?

Click here to read Wayne’s inspiring post. I hope you will take some time today to experience Sabbath rest.

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