Storing Recipes Online

by jessicaturner on October 25, 2010

Do you ever find recipes online and then not know what to do with them?

This has been a big issue for me.

I’ve tried bookmarking.

I’ve tried joining sites and storing recipes on each individual site.

I’ve tried printing them out.

I’ve tried emailing them to myself.

But none of these methods have been effective.

I never remember where I found the recipe, I hate searching my email and I don’t print them out enough of the time.

So I recently asked on my Facebook page, where can I easily store all my online recipes in one place?

Several people recommended SpringPad.

I have been using it for a week and already LOVE it.

Essentially, I can put links to any recipe in the recipes section of my account and it saves them by name/site name. I can categorize by want to make/made, give the recipe a star rating and even make notes about how I changed the recipe, things I want to remember.

It also have an iPhone app, so if I need to access any of the info in my account (ie: the ingredients for a recipe) I can. 

You can also use SpringPad for saving links, articles – basically ANYTHING you find online.

Check out this video to learn more about SpringPad.

It’s so cool. Check it out.

And if you have any recipes that I should add to my database, I’d love you to share them.

Here are a few that I have in mine:

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