Catching Up on Project Life

by jessicaturner on October 8, 2010

Elias swinging this summer

October has begun.

We have three months left of Project Life.

I know many of you are keeping up with your photos through Project Life Tuesday.

But I know many more of you are behind.

And some of you may be like me – you do your photos every week, but you are behind on developing and the journaling cards.

I want to encourage you to get caught up.

You CAN do it.

In July, I opened my album and realized I hadn’t written on my journaling cards since late February.

Thankfully, because of Project Life Tuesday, I had been recording my journaling each week on this blog.

So I set a goal of writing two weeks of journaling cards a day. Each night, after Elias went to bed, I would get out my album and write on my cards.

And then, life got busy and I didn’t finish catching up. But I picked things back up this past weekend and have been working diligently. I am happy to say that I am caught up through July and my goal is to get I totally caught up by the end of the weekend.


You will not regret staying with this project. Last year, I only completed the first four months of journaling cards and while I LOVE the album, I wish my words were throughout it.

Words are the most important part of scrapbooking because they tell the story.

100 years from now, your album will be a bunch of daily pictures. Your ancestors will wonder why there is a picture of a peach pie in your album. They won’t know that the peaches were the best that summer and that you had to make a pie.

So get caught up. :) Have a great weekend!

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