5 Things I Love: BlogHer Edition

by jessicaturner on October 15, 2010

It has been two months since BlogHer and I am still processing and trying out products that I was introduced to. Here are five products I was given that our family is currently loving and that I think would make great gifts this Christmas season.

Alphie: My sister had Alphie, the little robot with cards in his belly, as a child. We LOVED it. So I was beyond excited when I saw at BlogHer that it was being re-released this fall. Elias LOVES this toy. He changes out the cards and pushes the buttons. As he gets older, I think he will really enjoy and learn from the educational questions and prompts that Alphie offers. Such a cool toy. Perfect for that under 5 child in your life.

Elmo Play-Doh Shape and Spin: We are also really digging the Elmo Play-Doh Shape and Spin toy. Elias loves Play-Doh and Elmo, so what is not to love? This toy is so fun because the base has a circle that you spin to select a variety of shapes to form with the Play-Doh. You push down Elmo’s hand (which holds a disc that makes a Sesame Street character face) and the shape is formed. We have been working on shapes (Elias knows a circle, triangle and square!), so this is a fun, educational toy too. He has been playing with it daily.

PowerMat: We can never keep our cell phone chargers in one place. The cords are always in a suitcase, briefcase, at work, in the car, etc. Enter the PowerMat, which is a thin, hard mat that has the capability of charging up to three electronic items at one time. It pretty much works with any handheld device, any brand. Since starting to use it, our phones are now always charged. It is a bit pricey ($68.99 on Amazon), but for the electronics lover in your house – or just the person/family with a lot of chargeable items, I think it is worth it.

Miraclebody Jeans: I have never been a $100 pair of jeans girl. I am more a 50% off Old Navy jeans kind of girl. But seriously, the Miraclebody jeans I was given at BlogHer are the nicest jeans I have ever owned. Miraclebody Jeans claim they make you look 10 lbs. thinner. And they do. My tummy looks flatter, my butt looks better. Seriously. The best jeans I ever owned. Ask for them for Christmas or save and buy them yourself. You can thank me later.

Lia Sophia Earrings: I love pretty earrings. They can really make an outfit. Every time I wear these earrings from Lia Sofia, I receive compliments. What girl doesn’t love that?

I love lists and sharing things that I love. Would you enjoy if I started regularly doing a series like 5 Things I Love? Let me know!

Disclosure: I received these items for review or as gifts at BlogHer. I am not required to write about them. I did because I love them. Period.

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