The Haircut

by jessicaturner on August 25, 2010

When Elias got his first haircut at 18 months, he was an angel. My mom is a hairdresser, so we had her do his first cut, which was really special to me.

Fast forward to our next visit home and the need for haircut number two and he had a royal meltdown when she cut it.

It was not fun.

So when Matthew suggested letting Elias’s hair grow out this summer and see what it looked like a little longer, I was for it.

Optimistically, I thought if we let it grow, Elias would get a little older, and surely the next haircut wouldn’t be as traumatic.

Well, this past weekend we went to a cute kids hair salon called Snip Its to get a trim.

And Elias had a FIT.

It is walk-in only and when we got there, three kids were ahead of us. Elias thought initially that this was a fun place and he ran around playing with the toys.

But then he realized kids were getting haircuts.

He crawled up on my lap and wouldn’t look in the direction of the stylists.

I knew we were in trouble.

When our name was called, I carried him to the chair and he began to wail and arch his back.

Oh my word.

I thought we were going to have to leave without a cut. 

Thankfully, the stylist deals with this every day, so she just had him sit in my lap and she cut away – hair falling all over me and him because he wouldn’t let her put on a cape.

And in less than ten minutes it was over.

He stopped crying immediately, asked for a sucker and said thank you.

What a faker. 

The before and after

Do your kids like getting their hair cut? Do you have any horror stories of hair cuts gone wrong?

BONUS: If you have a Snip Its in your area, tell them Jessica Turner referred you and we will both get $5 off! (only valid for new customers)

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