Showing Appreciation for Teachers

by jessicaturner on August 26, 2010

Do you remember to show appreciation for your child’s teachers?

I believe that it is important to show appreciation for your child’s teachers throughout the year.

As another school year begins, think about ways you can bless your child’s teacher not just at Christmas and the end of the year:

  • Send a special school year kick-off gift: even a pack of pens, a homemade treat and a card would be appreciated. 
  • Thank your child’s teacher for little things
  • If you can volunteer in your child’s classroom and help your child’s teacher – do it!
  • Occassionally come in and take pictures of your child’s class and then put together a photo book at the end of the year (Becky Higgins offers great suggestions for this!)
  • Be creative!

What are ideas you have for blessing teachers?

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