Recovering – A Quickie Post

by jessicaturner on August 9, 2010

Well I am back from New York!

It was a FABULOUS trip filled with so many memories, meeting lots of great people and the possibility of a lot of fun opportunities for the future. I am terribly excited and still processing it all. I will definitely share more later this week.

Matthew and Elias did great together. Matthew made this video last night and it is adorable.

At 29 seconds he is saying swimming. I guess he wanted to go swimming. :)

At 1:07 he says No Pop Tart – I cracked up at this part.

At 1:15 he says Donald song (Old McDonald) then Donald Bee (Old McDonald/Bee).

He cracks me up.

Right now I need to get ready for work and try to clean up some of the mess of suitcases and swag in our living room. (I was blessed with some fabulous products to try!)

Have a great Monday!

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