Clickn’ Moms – A Site You Should Know

by jessicaturner on August 23, 2010

Clickin' Moms

I am so excited to introduce The Mom Creative’s newest sponsor, Clickin’ Moms.

Can I just say that I love this site and am already addicted?

Because, it’s true. (And it is not because they are a sponsor!)

If you are looking to sharpen your photography skills, interact with other photo lovers and learn a lot, this community of more than 8,000 women is for you. From amateur family photographers to hobbyists and seasoned pros, this community is committed to helping one another and providing the support necessary to move each member’s photography to the next level.

After spending just 15 minutes on the site, I was overwhelmed by the volume of easy-to-understand tutorials on photography, post processing and managing photography businesses, downloads, freebies and other useful information on the site.

Clickin’ Moms also hosts contests and photography challenges with amazing prizes.

It is truly one of the best resources I have found.

The site costs $30 for a 6-month membership and $50 for a year membership. You can also do a one-week trial for $6. I think that’s a steal given the volume of information provided – WAY more than any online classes I have seen.

So please, go check out Clickin’ Moms today! You won’t be disappointed.

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