Happy 2nd Birthday Elias!

by jessicaturner on July 12, 2010

I love this picture of you Elias – full of wonder and excitement! It captures your personality so perfectly.

Is it really possible that you are TWO already?

You have brought endless joy to our lives, Elias. You make us laugh every day.

Your favorite things to play with are your guitar, anything Elmo, mommy and daddy’s iphones, your blocks, your leapfrog magnets, and your books. You read endless amounts of books every day and most nights we read four-six books before bed.

Every morning when you wake up, you immediately ask to go in by Daddy. You snuggle with him and play with his iphone for a few minutes before asking for “Elmo show?” You typically watch Elmo while eating your breakfast – usually cheerios with milk, an egg and a banana, along with a cup of milk. You are getting better at drinking out of a regular cup with each day.

You love going to school every day and they tell us that you are always good and one of the happiest kids in class. You love to sing songs especially “donald” (Old McDonald Had a Farm), bumble bee, “bus” (the wheels on the bus), and “happy” (If You’re Happy and You Know It). You also love playing on the playground and come home with sand in shoes every day!

We are working on letters and numbers. You can almost count to 10 on your own (nine is your favorite number – you shout it every time) and can identify a couple letters. If you don’t know the letter, you usually say it is “M!” We are also working on colors – you say almost everything is blue and green. It always makes mommy laugh. You love doing animal sounds for dogs, lions, bears, sheep, pigs and monkeys.

Your favorite food is cheese. You ask for it every meal of the day. You also love fresh fruit (especially blueberries, bananas and grapes), crackers, turkey and pasta.

You usually go to bed between 7:30 and 8 and each night you like to have your turtle on and your fish tank music playing. You also sleep with at least four stuffed animals. You are a tummy sleeper, just like mommy.

You are an incredibly happy boy, with tons of spunk and personality. You can be a little stubborn, which daddy says is just like mommy. Most people say you look more like Daddy than Mommy, though we see both of us in you. You are generally easy going and are happy to go anywhere with us.

I love you Elias so very much. Thank you for teaching me so much every day. You are a wonderful son. Happy birthday sweet boy!

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