Commemorating Your Child’s Birthday & Growth

by jessicaturner on July 16, 2010

I love traditions. I have established a few simple traditions to celebrate Elias’s birthdays and chronicle another year.

Birthday Party – This one is obvious, but I love parties and look forward to planning a party dedicated to Elias and what he loves each year. The Elmo party was a hit this year!

Letter to Elias – Each year I write Elias a letter that gets tucked in this Dear Sweet Child box from Once Upon a Family. When he turns 21 he will receive one letter a day leading up to his birthday. I LOVE this product!!

Handprint – We have this handprint kit for Elias’s first five years. We made his handprint earlier this week and it is so fun to see them side by side. (In the picture, the plaster is still wet – and his handprint isn’t perfect, but that’s part of the fun – he was NOT in the mood on the morning I decided to do it.)

Growth Chart Mark – We have a growth chart in Elias’s room for marking his growth. I love seeing him get taller!

When he gets a little older, I plan to fill out/have him fill out a little sheet of his favorites, friends, handwriting, etc. :)

What do you do to commemorate your child’s birthday?

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