The Benefits of Day Care

by jessicaturner on June 9, 2010

Last week Elias started in the penguin room at day care.

This is his fourth room in two years.

He started in the panda room. (remember the first day?)

Then he became a lamb (and I cried)

Then a zebra. (remember that transition?)

Now a penguin.

I have written a lot about my emotions dealing with him growing so quickly, moving up, etc., but I haven’t written much about what I love about our day care.

As a working mother, I sometimes grapple with not being with Elias all day, every day, like many of my friends IRL and online.

However, I need to work, both for personal reasons and for financial reasons for our family.

Moreover, I think day care benefits Elias greatly.

  • He learns new things every day.
  • He is more social because of day care (although, some would argue that I couldn’t help but make a social child!) 
  • He does more activities on a daily basis than he likely would if I were home with him (ie: painting, drawing, building, playground twice a day, etc.)
  • He has curriculum every week (one week they learned about teeth health, another week they talked about wind and weather, etc.)

I am so thankful that he is so well-loved at his school. It is such a blessing and puts my mind at ease to know that I am doing a good thing by sending him to a day care like his.

 playing in the zebra room (May 2010)

Is your child in day care or a mother’s day out program? If so, what do you like about it?

Update: Some of you may enjoy the post I did on working motherhood last year.

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