Photo Tip: Setting Your White Balance

by jessicaturner on June 30, 2010

People often ask me, what camera setting do you use?

The answer: P.

P is like one step up from automatic. It really is not very advanced, but it has allowed me to take some really great pictures over the years.

Quick tutorial:
P – the camera sets the shutter speed and f-stop
AV- You select f stop and the camera selects the shutter speed
TV- You select the shutter speed and the camera selects the f stop

One thing that I always do when shooting in P is set my white balance.

This week we took Elias to Lake Michigan.

Thankfully, I noticed my white balance was off. Check out the difference in shots (taken about 30 seconds apart):

Elias at 23.5 months
Romper: Carters (from Costco)
Shoes: Lands End

The difference is crazy isn’t it?

I am trying to venture into using other camera modes more, so if you have any tips to share, that would be great!

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