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by jessicaturner on June 23, 2010

Every day I receive a sheet about Elias’s day at school. It lists the theme for the week (this week is castles), how he ate, slept, when he had diaper changes and how his mood was.  His teachers are also sure to write a note about Elias specifically, which I love.

Since I don’t have the space to keep every sheet, I have started a google doc to record the notes they write about Elias. Every month I plan  to print the notes and include them in my Project Life album. I got the idea after the first week in his new classroom, and it has been going great!

Here are the notes from this past month:

June 3: Elias had a great day! He drank plenty of water throughout the day. He is always one of the most enthusiastic participants during music time!
June 8: Elias had a good day. He really enjoyed the sand box today outside and also loved the bubble bee song! He also had a great time painting.
June 9: Elias had a great time playing in the gym today! He also impressed me at circle time by knowing almost all his classmates’ names (and there are some tough ones!)!
June 10: Elias had so much fun playing in the water! He was a little hesitant at first, but by the end, he was splashing away (I think there was more water on the ground than in the pool!) He was definitely ready to sleep at nap time!
June 11: Elias had a great day! So glad you come come hang out with us during water time. Don’t worry, he only cried for about a minute after you left!
June 14: Elias has a wonderful day! He did really well with the puzzles and, of course, had a great time playing outside (but not for too long because it was so incredibly hot!)
June 15: Elias had a really fun day today! He loved dot painting and had a great time stacking (and knocking down!) the giant legos in the gym! He was not interested in the yogurt.
June 16: Elias had a super day! He had so much fun squishing that finger paint while working on his Father’s Day card (shhh!)! He also completely cleaned his plate at lunch time! Go Elias!
June 17: Elias had a great day! He enjoyed finishing up his Father’s Day card and running around like a crazy man in the gym!
June 21: Elias had a super fun day! He enjoyed reading in the book center and today our class got a special visit from Cinderella!

Do you keep your child’s day care/school notes in a special way? I would love your ideas! 

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