Celebrating My Husband, Elias’s Dad

by jessicaturner on June 20, 2010

People told me that after having kids, I would see a different side to my husband.

And I would probably fall in love with him more.

They were right.

Parenthood has been so good for Matthew and me.

It has been so cool to see Matthew be a daddy to Elias.

He is so, so good to him.

He takes time to play.

To listen.

To sing.

To dance.

To read.

To act silly.

To watch Elmo.

To hold hug.

To run races.

To play the drums.

To give voices to puppets.

To build blocks.

To give baths.

To be Daddy in every sense of the word.

Happy Father’s Day, Matthew. You are an amazing Daddy. I love you.

(Be sure to check out Matthew’s thoughts on Father’s Day here.)

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