Instilling a Love of Books

by jessicaturner on May 20, 2010

With Matthew being and author and me being a voracious reader, we have A LOT of books. They are everywhere – on overflowing bookshelves, on our coffee table and scattered in random other places around our house.

So it was seemingly inevitable that Elias would have a love of books too. I do think we have done a few things to help foster that love.

Keeping books accessible – We have Elias’s books in easily accessible places for him to look at and enjoy. We have a bin on the floor in our living room, a cleared spot under a coffee table, on a bookshelf in his room, and even a few in the bathroom. He regularly takes books from all these areas.

Rotating books – Every few weeks I move his books around, making sure to place different ones in the basket in the living room (since that is where he gets books from the most). That way, he has new books to look at and we have new stories to read to him, creating teachable moments. Some of our favorite authors/books are Sandra Boynton, Sesame Street Books, That’s Not My Series, Duck and Goose books and classics like Good Night Moon and The Little Engine that Could.

Encouraging reading– We often will say to Elias, why don’t you go look at some books? That simple question encourages him to read and choose books.

Reading every day – We read to Elias every day- and have since he was an infant. Matthew always reads to him in the morning and I usually do the nighttime reading.

Elias is clearly a book-lover, and I am so thankful for this. I know that a love of reading will benefit him for a lifetime. 

What do you do with your kids to instill a love of books?

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