Etched in my Mind

by jessicaturner on May 8, 2010

Today I have spent a lot of the day processing my trip. Thinking about what I have seen and heard. Look at these images…

This little boy is living with HIV.

These children are all Haitian refugees

These girls live in a community that is praying for a loan to buy land for a center for mothers to meet at and to teach literacy and other life skills.
This mother is hardly old enough to be a mother herself.

Like the Brooke Fraser song, this World Vision trip has allowed us to all have seen. We are responsible.

What will we do?

If you haven’t yet made the leap of faith and sponsored a child, I prayerfully hope you will do so today. Bring hope to a child and a community somewhere in the world.  Make this a Mother’s Day weekend you will never forget.

We are responsible.

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