Elias and His Stride-Rite Shoes

by jessicaturner on May 26, 2010

Elias this morning

Do you remember awhile back when I reviewed and gave away the Pediped shoes?  In my winner’s post, I said that I always thought I would be a Stride-Rite mommy, but that I was a Pediped convert. Well, Stride-Rite contacted me and asked if they could send me a pair of their shoes for Elias, just to see if I could be swayed.

They sent me a pair of the SRT (sensory response technology) line. As soon as we put them on Elias (right around Christmas time) we noticed a huge difference in his walking. He seemed more confident and was running more.

I have been really impressed with how durable and well made the shoes are. Elias wears them all day every day and they are still in great shape. I also love that the insole pulls out so you can see if the shoe still fits well or if it is time for a bigger size. So smart.

I’ve read that kids around Elias’s age change shoe sizes every three months, but Elias is still wearing those same size five shoes that we received in December.

He LOVES them. And with each passing day, he loves them more.

In fact, he loves them so much, that he will not wear any other shoes, despite the fact that his stride-rites are very fall/wintery looking.

He kicks and cries and hates all other shoes. I did get some sandals on his feet this weekend, but they were off within 10 minutes of being in the  car.

It is hilarious… and a little frustrating. But, I guess there are worse battles to fight. :)

I guess I have a stride-rite convert on my hands.

Were your kids ever this way about shoes?

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