Diapers and the Children in DR

by jessicaturner on May 5, 2010

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I talk a lot about diapers.

I used to love Pampers.

Then I switched to Huggies.

Then I switched to Target brand because they work as well as the other two, and are so much cheaper at $13 a box.

Yesterday, I thought about those diapers.

Because here in the DR, many families can’t afford diapers. They sometimes make do with a piece of cloth.

A lot of the time the children just go naked. I saw a mother holding her naked little boy, who was about one. After about 20 minutes, she disappeared.

I wondered if the child had peed.

If he had, what did she do?

What do you do in that circumstance?

I would probably shriek, throw my clothes immediately in hot water in the wash machine, and put clean clothes on Elias and me.

I’m certain she didn’t do all those things.

The parents also potty-train as quickly as possible, which makes sense given their circumstances.

Although there certainly are no cute potty chairs.

Or potty rings.

Hopefully though, there is an outhouse.


I saw dozens of children in nothing but their underwear yesterday.

A lot of times the underwear was so thin, it was transparent.

It was so big, the worn-out elastic barely clung to their waists.

Yet, despite their circumstances, they were happy. They squealed when they saw our bus roll past their homes. They jumped up and down wanting to look at my camera when I took their picture.

The children I saw in their underwear were not sponsored.

I’m not saying that sponsorship = underwear, but in a way it does. Because the sponsorship dollars help families get the necessities they need and learn skills to go to school and to make a living.

Will you consider sponsoring a child? Help a child receive the bare necessities.

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