World Vision Wednesday: Sponsorship Thoughts

by jessicaturner on April 14, 2010

Last week I asked you to pray about sponsoring a child with World Vision.

I was so excited every time I received an email from one of you saying, I did it! I sponsored a child. 

I laughed with joy.

I cried.

I prayed for each child.

I prayed for you and your families.

It will take World Vision several weeks to coordinate the visits with each of your sponsored children, so if you would like me to meet your sponsored child, today is the deadline!

Have you been considering sponsoring a child?

Please take that leap of faith. I promise. It will change your life.

It has changed mine. Child sponsorship has caused me to be less selfish, more generous, and more aware of the world. It has broken my heart and caused me to love God’s people more.

I remember when I first heard about child sponsorship. I was in college and I thought to myself, “I can’t afford $30 a month.”

A few years later, I met Matthew and we started sponsoring our first child.

While we have gone through some hard times, we have never contemplated canceling our sponsorships. In fact, we have increased them. Here is a glimpse of our fridge, with our four kids smiling at us, right along with Elias, sweet Audrey and other friends (who you can’t see from this angle).

I can’t believe that in a few short weeks I will be in the Dominican Republic, meeting so many sweet boys and girls, including our Juan.

When I was first asked to go on the trip, I didn’t feel worthy.

How could I tell the stories of these people and this organization in a way that would really be compelling?

Why me?

But then the holy spirit gently reminded me, I am just the conduit.

For God to do His work.

For you to get a closer look at what World Vision is doing.

For those kids to be loved a little deeper.

I think one of the best parts about those of you sponsoring kids before the trip is that I am (hopefully) going to hug each child on your behalf and say, YOU are loved. I am going to get to give them/their mothers/sisters a beautiful hand-stamped Lisa Leonard necklace. (And you will get the same necklace!*)

I will be emailing each of you who have sponsored kids with details by early next week, but I will make room in my suitcase to take a small package to each of your kids – in addition to the necklace. So if you want to write a letter, send a photo, etc. do it! (If for some reason I don’t get to meet your sponsored child, then I will leave it with the World Vision team in the DR). 

World Vision makes it so easy to communicate with your child and develop a relationship with him or her.

You are going to love the experience of sponsorship.

If you choose to sponsor a child in the DR, please email me ( your child’s name and number ID. The link in this post specifically lists kids at the project we will be visiting.

Update: As of today, April 21, I will not be able to meet any other children sponsored in the DR. The trip is too close! :) Please don’t let that stop you from sponsoring a child. 

Let’s make an impact on the world – one child at a time.

Peace be with you today.

* Quantities limited

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