No Gifts Please

by jessicaturner on April 12, 2010

 Elias in the ball pit at the birthday party discussed below. :)

This weekend Elias had a birthday party to attend for some friends at school.

The invite said No gifts please.

I struggled with this.

Last year we stated the same on Elias’s birthday invite and most people still brought gifts.

I went to another one of his friend’s parties last year. The invite said no gifts, and she got many gifts too.

When I asked the question on Twitter, it was split 50/50. Some said no, some said yes. Many said, yes, but something small like books.

I ended up going with a reasonable outfit that I found at Target. As a mom, I would rather Elias get clothes than toys. Goodness knows he is happier with a ball than with any other toy anyway.

Turned out most people didn’t bring gifts. Oh well. I was happy to do it. But, I still want to know. What would you have done? Would you have brought a gift?

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