Documenting ‘A Week in the Life’

by jessicaturner on April 18, 2010

 Tomorrow starts Ali Edwards’ Week In The Life Project.

I am going to do it this year and I am so excited.

When she did it last time in September 2008, I took all the photos, gathered the stuff and never put together the album. I will say though that in that week, I took some of my favorite photos of Elias that I have ever taken (the photos of Elias on the green blanket. Sigh. He was so little then. Sweet boy).

This year, I REALLY want to complete it.

Today I am taking time to gather my supplies, cut paper and get things ready.

I am going to use an 8.5×11 album that I bought dirt cheap at an outlet because it has some random customization on it. I am going to cover up the customization with fabric flowers, which I am going to make using this tutorial.

I am going to use 8.5×11 sheet protectors and baseball card sheet protectors for my album. Each day will consist of four pages – just like Ali outlined here.

To start each day, I am going to use these Story of Today pages, which is what Ali used last year. I think they will be a nice way to start each day. I plan to write my journaling every night, so then I will be able to easily transpose it to the digital templates. Here are Ali’s instructions on how to use these templates.

I am not going to use any of the other digital products she has created. Just not me. I’d much rather make good use of my stash, since I have more than I will ever use anyway. 

To say I am really excited doesn’t fully capture it. I am ITCHING to create this album. It has been a long-time since I created an album dedicated to one topic and the week coming up is so good – lots of ordinary and fun plans (like work, writing, day care, Bon Jovi with my friend Alyson, David Sedaris date night with Matthew and more). It is going to be awesome.

Basically, this is like an amplified Project Life. Project Life is one picture, one memory a day. A Week in the Life captures everything – lots of moments, lots of bits and papers, lots of stuff! So, so, so cool.

Are you participating in the project this year?

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